"The Scrubber" Wash Mitt

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Built In Scrubber!  

"The Scrubber" was designed to get pesky buildups off boats, wave runners, canoes and other watercraft's. "The Scrubber" is a plush, scratch-free microfiber wash mitt with a built in scrubber on one side. Coined "The Scrubber" for its powerful scrubbing action, each mitt is made from a polyester blend and are ultra soft to the touch. Pair The Scrubber with Insect and Stain Remover to easily remove bugs, tar, tree sap, and other sticky films.

Product Highlights:

⭐ Mesh Backing For A Powerful, Yet Gentle Scrub
⭐ Secures To Your Hand To Prevent Dropping
⭐ Does Not Harm or Scratch Surfaces