Plastic and Rubber Guard

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Protects & Shines Rubber, Plastics & Vinyl

First Rate Marine's Plastic and Rubber Guard is an all-purpose dressing that can be used across a variety of surfaces including plastic and rubber trims, dashboards, center consoles, rubber hoses and more. Dries quickly to a non-sticky gloss. Helps prevent fading and cracking and leaves a long lasting shine. Environmentally safe, non-acid, non-corrosive formula with a pleasant scent. 

Product Highlights:

⭐ Provides UV Protection 
⭐ Rinse-free Formula Leaves a Non-Greasy Gloss Shine
⭐ Perfect for Rubber, Plastic, & Vinyl surfaces

Product Instructions:

Shake Well. Apply with an applicator or microfiber towel and allow dressing to penetrate surface. If you desire a low gloss or a satin finish, wipe dry.
High Gloss Finish: Apply a second coat.
Medium Gloss Finish: Dilute dressing 1:1 with water.