Insect and Stain Remover

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Remove Stubborn Insects, Tree Sap & Films

First Rate Marine's Insect and Stain Remover is a ready-to-use product. It is specially formulated for fiberglass and gelcoat surfaces. Easily remove bug residue, tree sap, dirt, grime, pollen, and other surface contaminants. This product works extremely well through all moderate temperature ranges. 

Product Highlights:

⭐ Quickly Removes Insects, Tree Sap, Dirt, Grime & more
⭐ Safe on ALL Gelcoats, Paint, Fiberglass & Metal
⭐ No Harsh Alkalines / Non-Caustic / Non-Corrosive.

Product Instructions:

For best results, spray working from the bottom up. Allow time for product to penetrate, but do not allow it to dry on surface. Rinse off under pressure, from top down. Scrub bugs free with brush or pad if needed.