HyperMint Marine Wash

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Crisp and Refreshing

First Rate Marine's HyperMint Wash is an energizing, high sudsing marine wash that has been uniquely formulated for hand washing all boat types. This product is a modern combination of synthetic detergents and emulsifiers, which provides effective cleaning to all gelcoat and fiberglass surfaces. Quickly removes dirt and grease. Does not contain any acids or abrasives. 

Product Highlights:

⭐ Safe on ALL Gelcoats, Paint, Fiberglass & Metal
⭐ Removes Grime, Algae and Dirt
⭐ Perfect for Bucket Washing or Foam Cannons

Product Instructions:

This product is highly concentrated and can be diluted by adding 2-8 ounces per gallon of water (depending on severity of soiling on surfaces). For greasy build-ups, use 8 ounces or product per gallon of water.